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Reviving GAIM p2p

So, time for a long-overdue update on the GAIM filesharing client that we have been planning and that we raised $1332 for in November. We were offering a $500 bounty for the programmer that can do the project and we had someone that we thought was really good apply to do it. We even got a sourceforge page setup and picked a name “Friendly”. Since then, this guy has gone totally AWOL and hasn’t done a thing, and we’re finally giving up on him and starting over.

So… we’re back to an open call for developers. This time, we’re going to offer $1,000 to the programmer that can take this on in a timely fashion. And we’re going to leave the $332 up to their discretion– if they want to use it to put a mini bounty on a certain feature, so be it. And if they want to just do it all themselves, that’s cool too. We just want to get it done and soon. So, please spread the word to coders far and wide and if you’re interested, email labs|at|downhillbattle.org and let us know what your experience is and how quickly you can dig in. This isn’t just interesting, it’s important!

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