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So Eyes on the Screen is off to a great start. We’ve been getting some very good blog attention and there are already 4 screenings listed. Four might not sound like a lot, but consider that these are just the people who saw the site and were able to post a time within a few hours– this is just getting started.

People have sent in some nice flyers for publicizing screenings. You can fill in the time of a screening and getting those copies printed. And Morgan has made some great website buttons that you can post too– take a look. We’re thinking of using a version of the big one as a logo for the front page.

And, I can’t emphasize enough that if you’ve never seen these films or haven’t watched them in years, they are wonderful and you shouldn’t miss it. The motivation to get this back out to the public comes straight from the amazing power of the films and the story. It’s just shocking to think that this stuff has been so tangled in copyright that people have been unable to get it and that schools have been unable to find it for their classes. On the Eyes page we quote this Globe and Mail article:

This is particularly dire now, because VHS copies of the series used in countless school curriculums are deteriorating beyond rehabilitation. With no new copies allowed to go on sale, “the whole thing, for all practical purposes, no longer exists.” – The Globe and Mail quoting Jon Else, a filmmaker who worked on Eyes on the Prize

and Lawrence Guyot (who’s now a part of the Eyes on the Screen team) who said:

“This is analogous to stopping the circulation of all the books about Martin Luther King, stopping the circulation of all the books about Malcolm X, stopping the circulation of books about the founding of America.”

It’s really pretty unbelievable. Enough talk, go organize a screening already– you’ll be really happy that you did. Yes, that Worcester one is ours.

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