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16 Screenings- Add Yours

We’re so pleased with all the excitement to host screenings of Eyes on the Prize, the feedback we’ve been getting is amazing. As I write this, there’s already 16 screenings posted and more being planned. And, please– join the effort. Try calling local community centers, artist spaces, indy rock venues, etc– see if they have a space available on February 8. The one that we’re planning in Worcester is happening at a community art gallery. If you’re in college, it should be easy to find a spot on campus and sign out a projector. And your school library might even have the tapes.

Many of you have written to say that you’re hosting screenings in your homes, which is great– and it would be great if you could post it even if you know it’s already full (just leave off your address and say that it’s full).

And once you have a screening planned, you can use these flyers that have been sent in to help publicize it. Even better, use some or all of our press release, add the event info, and send it to your local papers. Or just call them! There’s a really good chance that they’ll do a story in advance.

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