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The Timing of Screenings

We’ve been asked numerous times if people should have Eyes on the Screen screenings on different days besides February 8th. As much as we’d like to have people connect the February 8th date to the celebration of “Eyes on the Prize”, we hope that there are enough venues in enough places to be host to many more screenings throughout Black History Month. So, yes– if you need to or want to do a screening on another day, go for it. To publicize the issue and or a local screening, you can write a letter to your editor easily (3 clicks) or find phone numbers of your local papers (just click on their name).

And here’s something else to think about regarding the school screening being cancelled, from Louisiana Weekly comes this article about young people not understanding the Civil Rights Movement:

“When they confront racism for the first time – and sooner or later they will – they will be helpless because they have no reference to someone else before them who went through the same thing,” said National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Board Chairman, Julian Bond.

It’s so obvious that it barely needs to be said… but if schools can’t show Eyes on the Prize because they can’t get the tapes or because lawyers are confusing people about their fair use rights and then shutting down screenings, how are we supposed to solve this problem? We need help from Congress and any other prominent leaders to help the school in Vienna exercise their rights.

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