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Tapes Needed in Select Cities

After hearing from us and others that people can’t hold screenings because they can’t get tapes, Lawrence Guyot suggested we ask people to lend out the other parts of their 14-part “Eyes on the Prize” set that they are not using for their screening. You/we/guys can work out a deposit system too.

NY, NY: Can anyone help Allen of New York City out? BET Nightly News would very much like to film his screening but he is having a hard time finding tapes too? Anyone got a loan for this great cause and special screening? Please write to eyes@downhillbattle.org

St. Paul, MN: Corey of St. Paul needs tapes to host a screening at his school? Write to eyes@downhillbattle.org. He writes, “We are located at the University of Minnesota and can host a screening of “Eyes on the Prize,” but how do we get the copy to screen it?”

Atlanta, GA: Chris has been writing me a bunch – he just can’t get his hands on a library copy, help? write eyes@downhillbattle.org. He writes, “We’ve tried to rent them from several of the libraries here in Atlanta. The problem, is people are checking them out and not returning them. This creates a challenge for others to see. They are simply paying the libraries the depreciated cost of the videos. Others are being stolen from libraries. We are still going to try to schedule a viewing on February 8th. We just need to get our hands on the videos.”

Hardwick, VT: Amy needs tapes for her group – “I would love to do a “private” viewing of the movie for the teens I work with. I am the Youth Coordinator for a small non-profit sexual and
domestic violence agency in northeast Vermont. We have been working with
our teen group around the media, human rights and empowerment. This film
could help them understand the struggles involved in social justice
movements, and could lead to great discussion.”
Write to eyes@downhillbattle.org.

SEATTLE, WA: Can anyone help Rick of Seattle, WA out? He plans on hosting a screening on Friday, Feb 26. He writes, “Library copies are checked out. We support your efforts; Is there a way to get a copy of the film?” Rick’s screening will be later this month. If you’re in Seattle and got tapes for this great cause and loan, write to eyes@downhillbattle.org.

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