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Bay Area Civil Rights Veterans

A few quick updates:

We got a very nice endorsement for Eyes on the Screen from the Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement: take a look at their statement of support. Their endorsement really touched our hearts. They wrote,

“Therefore, in the spirit of Southern Freedom Movement, we who once defied the laws and customs that denied people of color their human rights and dignity, we whose faces are seen in “Eyes on the Prize,” we who helped produce it, tonight defy the media giants who have buried our story in their vaults by publicly sharing episodes of this forbidden knowledge with all who wish to see it.”

The New York Times ran this article about copyright controversies in today’s paper and, in addition to featuring a photo of Holmes’ chest (don’t worry, it’s tastefully covered by one of our tshirts), they mention Eyes on the Screen and the Virginia high school screening that was cancelled.

Also, we’re wondering if anyone in the DC area can come through with a last-minute screening– can ya? Lawrence Guyot is looking for a screening to go to already.

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