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Today is the Day

Today is the day: we’re at 64 screenings, 24 states, 50 major cities around the world. Lawrence Guyot was just on Democracy Now Radio singing the praises of everyone who’s worked to make this happen and share this history again.

And one last word – the corporatized copyright system has stopped “Eyes” from being aired on television but they can’t stop us from exercising our free speech, educating young people, and taking the lessons of the civil rights movement to heart to bring this film back to a wide audience. They can’t stop us from coming together to remember our heroes and make small gestures of gratefulness for that courage and heroism.

In that spirit, two people have offered VHS tapes in New York City – there are millions of people in NYC – it would be great if we could take this opportunity to reach out to as many people as we can and hold at least two more screenings this month.

And a Santa Fe teacher who has screened several different civil rights documentaries recently is looking for tapes of Eyes— write to us so we can get your tapes to her for a school screening today (eyes@downhillbattle.org).

And one last request from Guyot, who was a leader in the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and has been working hard to promote Eyes on the Screen – he would love to have a screening to go to tonight in DC, where he lives. Can anyone make this happen?

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