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“Eyes” on Television, Almost

We were on WGBH Boston television (they helped produced “Eyes” back then) on 2/9/05 and the show had a filmmaker and a copyright lawyer talking about the situation of “Eyes”. It was great coverage but there are a few things to point out here: 1. The show used clips of “Eyes on the Prize” in the segment – WGBH did not pay for them, they didn’t have to have a lawyer to call around to find out who owned the right, and they don’t have to because they’re a news show and they have a clear fair use right to document what the heck is going on in this world. Documentary filmmakers play a similar journailstic role and they shouldn’t have to be fearful of using clips and impotent in their filmmaking. 2. They wanted to use a picture of me from when I was in fifth grade. I think I found scanning in a photo of me and sending it by email would shift the focus and was too egotistical.

The reason why we chose to center these screenings on February 8th at 8PM was because we wanted people and communities to come together around “Eyes” and get excited about that moment when everyone came together. In return people could feel like they were a part of a bigger event and celebration and feel like “Eyes” was airing on television for the first time in 10 years (after running to their television sets). In reality, there were many moments over the course of these two weeks when many people came together around “Eyes” and we still have the rest of the month and hundreds more screenings to have.You can read what people are saying about their screenings here. Others should let us know how it went, email: eyes@downhillbattle.org. “Eyes” is so amazing.

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