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Grab the tape, get wheatpasted.

You can read organizers’ reportbacks here but we wanted to point out two jewels: Here is an email from New York, NY that shows what people are doing to make these screenings happen. Harriet writes, “Yes, I had a dramatic hand-over of the first two tapes to Justin last night at Port Authority, where he ran like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate to meet me the last second before I had to step on the bus to Kingston. I’d be happy to lend the east village people the tapes next–why don’t you just put them in touch with me?”

And Frank in Atlanta who held a great screening on the 8th: More funny things with my phone number. I just got a call from the Manager of a huge Atlanta mall. Somebody has wheat pasted flyers for the screening on all the exterior coke machines of the mall. The funny part is that my phone number is printed on the flyers! This thing is getting out of hand – I love it! Though you might enjoy hearing about this.

And Judy Richardson, one of the producers on Eyes, has just signed on to the, statement from the Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, so that’s really great news.

Screenings are still going on– If there are people out there who still can’t get tapes at their library or videostore, we have a few volunteer tapes from some very generous people, desperate situations can email us at eyes@downhillbattle.org. Check the screening list for one near you.

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