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Find Tapes in Your City

So many people are demanding and organizing screenings of “Eyes on the Prize” – it’s so touching and moving how everyone is coming together on this. To facilitate this, we set up a tape distribution center of sorts – basically you can find out if your local library or local friend has tapes and easily tell others if there are tapes in libraries, videostores, homes and other places in every city and town. So if you’re in the know about the whereabouts of some “Eyes” tapes and they can be loaned out, please leave the info here. If you don’t know, call your local library and they can tell you easily. Matthew told us that he owns a copy of “Eyes on the Prize” but his authorized copy is on a laserdisc (and apparently there are 400 copies left) – who would have thought that?

Also, check out this Democracy Now interview with Lawrence Guyot and someone from Archive.org (archivist activist). Lawrence commanded maybe 50 screenings after this show. You can watch by clicking on Lawrence:


To download and listen, click here.

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