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Calling all Friends of the Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement

As many of you know the Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement have signed on in support of our campaign and written a touching statement of support. Now we need your help, to let them know how many people care about what’s going on, and to thank them for their years of hard work and commitment to social justice and to further our commitment to bringing socially-good things to the public. Be a friend to the Bay Area Vets by signing their statement of support and then please tell your friends to sign on as well.

Also, there are 30 screenings scheduled through the end of this month and many more planned. Look for one in your city. If you still want to organize a screening there is time, if you need help finding tapes check out or email us for help. We are going to take back our music and culture this Black History month. Our friend Jason thinks we should have national screenings of all the documentaries that PBS doesn’t show anymore, once a week for the rest of our lives – this is what participatory culture is about!

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