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Why this is confusing

Judy Richardson (amazing producer on “Eyes”) has made a really good point on this issue – that the distinction between the rights of the film owned by Blackside and the rights of the archives in the film owned by the media conglomerates are getting confused. In the Eyes on the Screen campaign, we are up against the laws that the media conglomerates have passed through congress (which are out of control and don’t benefit filmmakers anymore) and we are working against the silence that has let media conglomerates stifle our freedom of speech and our freedom to create for the past 20 years.
But what we are all really working for is to make a month of mass participation and coming together on a political and social issue that touches upon everything from civil rights to social relationships. It’s amazing that tons of people have come together to push the issue their way, the public way. And this why the Movement veterans statement has really touched our hearts (we are turning it more and more into a petition by asking all friends who believe in making this progress to sign on to their statement). And then you can say “huh?” after listening to this recent NPR segment about “Eyes” because although Callie Crossley (another producer on “Eyes”) does a superb job at defending how the public interest makes things go ’round there are two parallel (but not intersecting) conversations going on.

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