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Contact Your Senator in Support of Anti-Lynching Resolution

People are hustling to organize screenings (40 so far and only 17 states have yet to host a screening: DC, AK, HI, MT, ME, RI, LA, MS, WV, MI, ID, NE, SD, ND, KY, MO, WY), so email your friends (or yourself) about going out there to show your support at the screenings or to host one in your town (it’s wicked easy!). I was told by Congressman John Lewis’ aide that his office is working on writing legislation to get “Eyes” into public hands – we don’t have the details, but what? sounds good. At the same time, Sen. Landrieu is in the process of working on very interesting legislation to help “Eyes” and other historical films out (we will divulge more info on this amazing turn of events here in the future). So, in the moments that you take to think about this, know that all of your help has inspired legislators to take action on this issue, has helped to change some of the tides of this political debate, and has carved out a Congressional environment more receptive to legislation on this issue. We owe a big thanks to Lawrence Guyot and Bay Area Vets and you.

Bruce, one of the influential Bay Area Movement Vets writes, “Sen. Landrieu has also written the first of its kind anti-lynching legislation. The U.S. Senate has never passed any anti-lynching legislation. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has introduced a resolution calling attention to the history of lynching and expressing Senate apologies to lynching victims for refusing to pass anti-lynching legislation. While her resolution does nothing to actually stop or punish lynching, it at least raises the issue. But, — to no one’s great surprise– the Republican Senate leadership is trying to block it. According to her legislative aide, Nash Molpus: “The Senate majority is not cooperating with the roll call vote and Senator Landrieu has decided to postpone the passing of it. She is working with the majority leader to get the vote on the record. It could happen on Friday but we are not sure. I will keep you up to date. We want to make sure this resolution gets the proper recognition it deserves.

Please contact your Senators and indicate your support. If your senators are not co-sponsors urge them to do so. And support messages can be sent directly to: Sen. Mary Landrieu at: 724 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-5824 . Progress (or lack thereof) through the Senate can be tracked at Thomas by entering “SR.39” as the Bill Number.”‘


And lastly, the Union for the Public Domain, (UPD), which includes people from the EFF have put our ‘Eyes on the Screen’ campaign on their public domain map. Here is the resolution they so commendably discussed over a period of days. Thank you, UPD.

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