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New – Blog Torrent for Mac

Just a quick note to say that there’s a new version of Blog Torrent, and we now support OS X for download and upload. Things are still very rough around the edges, but the hard part is done.

This new version (0.9) also supports MySQL torrent tracking for advanced users. Basic users and small websites can still just drop Blog Torrent in with no database configuration (it’s the easiest Bit Torrent tracker to install by far). Once you’ve installed Blog Torrent, you have the option to enter your MySQL database login and get higher efficiency. And if you make a mistake on the database login info, it will just fall back to using the flatfiles. Very elegant.

With this release, we have the crucial features that we need. From here to 1.0, we need help polishing the interfaces and alerts to make things even simpler, clearer, and more usable. Developers wanted.

Blog Torrent 0.9

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