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Talk About Filesharing on TV, Won’t You?

ABC News is going to be doing a story about the Grokster decision that’s coming up and they’re looking for someone who does a lot of filesharing that they can interview for TV:

“Basically, I’m looking for someone who:

1.  downloads a lot of music and/or movies (on a very regular basis…maybe they would even say they get ALL their music that way, for example) – and preferably someone who primarly uses GROKSTER or MORPHEUS since they’re involved in the SC case. 

2. has strong feelings about why file sharing like this is important and should be off limits to government intervention

3.  ** MOST IMPORTANT:  is willing to do an on-camera interview with us and let us film them somewhere using file sharing on their computer! 


They can reach me at this email and should tell me a little bit about themselves – where they live, how old they are, how often and what they download, why they think these sites need to be able to operate as they do today and a phone number for me to reach them.  My deadline is by next Tues. or Wed. I would like to have a handful of potential people to starting contacting for this story.”

If you’re interested, you should email: scabcnews@yahoo.com and introduce yourself. And if you get interviewed, write up some notes for yourself and think carefully about what you want to communicate and why. This is a good chance to get a more balanced perspective into the mainstream media.

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