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A Punk Cover Band in Victory Zone 4-eva

The parody match-making band Beatallica, of Beatles and Metallica sampling curiosity, was served a cease and desist letter from Sony for copyright infringement of Metallica songs. Beatallica has been offering their music to everyone since 2001 on Beatallica.org, so of course they think Sony’s letter is bogus. The amazing news is they won their battle – their website got taken down, then they got a bunch of public support, then Lars Ulrich of Metallican fame stepped in and negotiated on their behalf to get Sony to “let them” put their site back up. Their petition got almost 10,000 signatures and is petitiononline.com-fabulous. You can add your name to help round out that number.

It always feels so great when a corporation has to stand down. And it is great. Well maneuvered, Beatallica.

It may be imprudent to not mention that Lars is also well known for anti-filesharing tantrums.) According to a Beatallica member Even Lars … Ulrich (of Metallica) has stepped in; he’s contacted us
personally to say that he and the whole Metallica camp are behind us,
and he’ll do anything he can to help us fight this thing.
People are already starting to post the Beatallica mp3’s on their own
sites, Gray Tuesday-style. One example here. You can read more details from BoingBoing here. The Beatallicas certainly got good style, now’s the time to listen to some of their tunes, while we wait for their suped-up and reborn website.

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