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Ringtones–the strategic decoy we’ve been waiting for

Of all the theories about how the corporate music business can be saved, this has to be the most idiotically absurd, and it keeps getting talked about:

One growing market is mobile-phone ring tones. Scott Andrews, senior director of internet and mobile entertainment for royalty collection agency BMI, said ring-tone revenues are expected to double from $250 million in 2004 to $500 million in 2005. “This is a business that has scaled very quickly,” Andrews said.

He added that potential synergies with other mobile technologies such as Bluetooth wireless could create even more opportunities for artists.

“Can you imagine being at a concert and saying, ‘OK, everyone turn on your Bluetooth. We’re going to send you a ring tone for free just for being here at the concert’?” Andrews said.

from WN

Holy crap– ringtones getting distributed at concerts??? I’m sorry, Scott Andrews, but I don’t think I can imagine that– it’s just too wonderful. And I really can’t believe that all my musician friends haven’t been talking about it already.

Please, please, major labels, bet your future on the ringtone market. After all, it’s been doubling for the past few years, so what could possibly go wrong?

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