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Until Jascha hooked up a fix about a month ago, our site had a horrible RSS feed– posts were being truncated in the feed, but there was no indication that you weren’t seeing the full post, so you wouldn’t know to read more. Ridiculous. Anyway, now it’s fixed and we have the full posts in the feed, so this is a good time to subscribe to our RSS Feed. We’ve been blogging a lot recently, but we are usually very sporadic, especially when we get deep into an imminent project, so RSS is a pretty good way to keep up with what we’re doing without a bunch of disappointing reloads.

For those who use webpages the old fashioned way, RSS let’s you ‘subscribe’ to a blog and get notified when new posts are made. It’s simple, but very important and it’s going to be a bigger and bigger part of how people use the internet. If you don’t have an RSS reader already, try this for Windows and this for mac.

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