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Thanks to Fenwick and West

We want to give a huge thank you to Mitchell Zimmerman and everyone at the Fenwick and West law firm for giving us great legal help over the past couple months with a few ‘issues’ arising from the Eyes on the Screen campaign. Here is their press release about the pro bono hook-up, which was a surprise and a relief– it’s amazing what good lawyers can do, and even more amazing when good lawyers actually care about issues like this and have an understanding of copyright and the public interest. Mitchell actually approached us and offered his help, which we feel honored to be in the position to receive. He and his team really helped us out, so again, thank you. We’ve just dispatched a bunch of Downhill Battle merch in their direction for when things get rowdy in the Valley. And also a big thanks to some other folks who were also immensely helpful on this, and may want to remain nameless.

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