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Signal/Noise2k5 4/8

The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard is having an interesting conference this Friday, starting at the chillingly brisk hour of 8:30am, which will have a chilling effect on our ability to get there on time. It is called “Signal/Noise2k5: creative revolution?” Our friend, artist friend, and collaborator on 3 Notes and Runnin, Mike Bell-Smith is speaking then (3:30pm). Mike’s awesome band, Professor Murder just played a show in New York and posted some live mp3’s– David said “they KILLED”. So, the other people who are going to be there is dude from Machinima.com, Beatallica, Soul Coughing (Mike Doughty), Dan the Automator, and Grateful Dead. Intellectual highlights are Wendy Seltzer from EFF, Jenny Toomey from Future of Music Coalition, Kembrew McLeod and a collection of fan art. In addition to the Harvard theme, we’re planning to talk about how when corporations get out of the way and bottling of culture, things get way better. There is still time to register/go.

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