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We’re starting a 5-day fundraiser today because we need your help to keep fighting for independent music. You can stop reading here and just donate. Alright, it’s getting to be summer and we want to start ramping up, helping to push for public wifi in many more cities and towns (possibly your city/town) and keeping apace of one of the most important court cases, Grokster! This is a great time to donate. We’ll put your name into a drawing for one of 9 copies of “Freedom of Expression” if you donate.. You can also add your name by writing to postal(at)downhillbattle.org. Kembrew McLeod is helping us to thank you for donating by giving us these copies, He’s pretty great to us. Please visit Downhill Battle to donate to us!

This book on intellectual property insanity is a great way to jump into the issue and why not play with fate to see if you should be one of the nine who will take IP on. And if you’re reading this in your RSS reader, be sure to not miss Nicholas’ face on the new edition webpage to our website.

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