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Is indy rock a rut?

VICE Magazine is generally full of crap, but this is a really sharp point:

“I feel like there has been created, in the past two to three years, an indie-yuppie establishment. Bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Iron and Wine, the Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, they are great bands, really great bands, with great albums, great songs, high quality. And to me, it’s just so fucking boring,” he says. “It’s like fancy-coffee-drinking, Volvo-riding music for kids. And kids should be listening to music that shakes them up more, makes them uncomfortable. … I don’t think we’re ever going to sign an indie rock band. … I want to sign stuff that is more immediate and shakes you up a bit.”

Indy rock definitely walks a dangerous line sometimes, and the idea of teenagers getting yuppiefied by music is very scary. And even though VICE is starting an imprint on a major label, they did just sign the Boredoms, who are so damn amazing, so I have to give them some credit there. (via SVN)

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