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Can you make: SueThePresident.com ?

Here’s a big, underhand lob waiting to be knocked out of the park: Bush’s staff put mp3s on his iPod. According to the RIAA, that’s “stealing music”.

Last week, when Siva and von Lohmann debated the RIAA at Cornell, Siva asked Cary Sherman, “When are you going to sue the president?” It’s a great question because everyone knows: a. what Bush’s staff did was normal and reasonable and everyone does, b. the RIAA only sues people who can get forced into submission (and debt), but most of all it’s a good question because c. it can help people remember how crazy this whole thing is in the first place.

I was reading about it this morning and decided to do what we do best at Downhill Battle — register frivolous domain names. So now we own SueThePresident.com, but we don’t have time to make a site for it. So… who will step up to the plate and make something smart, funny, sharp, nice-looking, and informative (but mostly funny) that can remind people why the lawsuits are so stupid? With decent execution on this, you’ll be able to reach hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have no idea what they think about this issue. It’s a cheap, grassroots tool to help counter the corporate PR machine.

Anyway, we’ll happily give you the domain if you want to make something and we’ll even give you hosting if we really like it. Quick concepts: fake lawsuit papers- RIAA vs. President Bush, fake conspiracy theory website about illegal whitehouse dealings, fake left-wing Bush outrage website w/petition, fake michael moore movie (same idea), street fight- Orin Hatch vs. Bush, etc. Include real info about what happened, real politics about the issue, and some easy jokes aobut what kind of music Bush probably has his iPod and you’ll be golden. And don’t forget to remind people not to buy major label music.

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