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Copynight on Tuesday, April 26th

Ren at the EFF reminds us that CopyNight is this Tuesday:

The Revolution is Thirsty
April’s CopyNight is upon us, and we’ll be celebrating alongside WIPO’s “World Intellectual Property Day” on Tuesday, April 26th. CopyNight is a monthly social gathering for fans of free culture, and conversations range from file sharing to IP-reform to whatever else is on your community’s radar. This month we’ve got events scheduled in:

San Francisco, CA | Chicago, IL | Toronto, Ontario | Austin, TX |
Raleigh, NC | Washington, DC | New York, NY | Cambridge, MA

Don’t see your community on the list? Volunteer to host a future CopyNight by sending a note to info@copynight.org! You can also read more about last month’s CopyNight in this article from InfoWorld and the Industry Standard.”

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