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US Attorney General goes to schools, gets schooled

This is a really awesome article: Students Do Not Share Gonzales’ view on Filesharing (reg req’d… full text posted in the comments). US Attorney General Gonzales is trying to send the message that filesharing is illegal by visiting high schools, pulling together groups of students, and basically saying to them that they can stop being criminals if they stop the downloading. Here’s one of the more devastating responses quoted in the article:

“Record companies are using the courts and law enforcement to try and protect their profit margins…. When I buy a CD I feel like I’m paying for corporate lawyers and corporate headquarters and, no offense, but I don’t want to do that. And I don’t have to.”

It seems the common reaction is that nobody thinks what they’re doing is criminal (or even wrong), nobody gets why Gonzales should be spending time and money pushing an issue that doesn’t have pressing significance, and that the entertainment industry is corrupt and more money is the last thing they need. Well, that’s it: students in America are waging a war with the Federal Gummint, Hollywood, and the RIAA and they’ve got way better sound bites (and morals too, we think).

The funny thing is, while Gonzales is moralizing to highschool students on behalf of the major label cartel, the man we like to call “America’s real Attorney General” Elliot Spitzer is trying to nail them for illegal bribes to radio stations.

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