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Announcing Fort Culture

We’ve been writing on the blog here at Downhill Battle for a while, but we always felt like we weren’t really bringing our thoughts together in a coherent usable way. We also felt that more generally there was a world of copyright and culture issues that weren’t being brought together in a clear way that brings out the inter-relationships between all the seemingly disparate elements and highlights what we’re up against. So today we’re announcing a first-take at trying to bring together some of our thinking:

fort culture
Enter Fort Culture

We’ve posted a bunch of mini-articles, not all of them are completely polished, but we’ve tried to get a bunch of ideas in there and it’s an ongoing project. We’re also asking people to help built the site in two ways. The first is by posting comments on the articles suggesting good resources that we can incorporate into the article. The second is for anyone who uses de.licio.us or de.lerio.us (the new open-source version): we’re asking people to tag with the word ‘fortculture’. We’ll be displaying the list on the site in various places, which will be a great way to connect people to fresh stuff. (Thanks for the idea, Brian!)

Our friend, musician, copyfighter, teacher, dynamo Kevin Driscoll was a big part of the team that made this happen, which has been great. Check out his copyright blog when you get a chance.

The site development was sponsored by a grant from American University, so we’d like to give them a big thanks for the support. And thanks to everyone on our email list who’ve already submitted lots of useful links.

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