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Musicians, come out and say you support filesharing.

We’re helping out a musician and artist, Halsey Burgund compile a song based on tracks offered by different musicians. This project has the potential to be really important if lots of people step forward — he is asking any musician to record their name and the statement, “I am a musician and I support filesharing” and he will compile a track based on these recordings. His message to you all follows. It is extremely important right now for musicians to say why they support filesharing and add a gentle yet aggresive public face to the whole issue. It’s important because what is happening with filesharing has in large part to do with how the debate is framed, the major labels have dominated that debate for too long and that’s why we care — because the major labels aren’t in the debate for the sake of musicians, and have been buying their time to control a system that doesn’t work out for more than a handful of musicians. So, follow the instructions below if you’re a musician and you support filesharing and pass this on to the musicians you know, big and small, and ask them to make a simple, powerful, political message in five minutes.

A message from Halsey:

Musician’s voices needed for pro-filesharing music. Let your voice be heard!

What I do:
My name is Halsey Burgund and I write music based in large part on voice recordings that I collect in the field (www.aevidence.com).
They might be specific readings, poetry, narration, opinions etc, but in each case, the resulting song has a specific intent. I am now
collecting recordings for a new song about the benefits of filesharing, specifically that it can be good for musicians. Therefore, I am collecting recordings of musicians making pro-filesharing statements which I will use in forthcoming music.

How you can help:
Go to Aevidence.com and record the text contained therein. Essentially, I want musicians saying “I am a musician and I support filesharing”, but I also want your reasons and opinions on the topic.

Why you might want to participate:
Clearly you are a Downhill Battle supporter or you would not be on
this mailing list. Clearly you think the current day monopolies in the
music industry are not good for the future of music in our society. This is
a way to help spread the word about filesharing and express your
opinion in a different fashion. I will be letting Downhill Battle use the
resulting music as they see fit, so you will be supporting this group’s efforts at the same time.

Thank you very much for your consideration and the assistance in
fighting the good fight. We, as musicians, must come together and
speak out if we want to effect any change. And the more creatively we do this, the better. Collectively, our voice will be heard.

If you want a DHB bumper sticker “I’m a musician and I support filesharing” for any and all contributions, let us know.

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