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Make some music, won’t ya?

The song compilation project by Halsey Burgund, where he is collecting and sampling recordings of musicians saying “I’m a musician and I support filesharing” is underway and getting some great attention.. thanks Boing Boing. Halsey has since made a great web page that tracks the recordings he’s gotten. You can see it here. I encourage any musician in a position to make a recording, perhaps while recording some other music, to take two minutes and record this power-packed statement. Find instructions here. You could be doing a lot of good for yourself and independent music by shifting the debate to your thoughts on filesharing. Also, if you want to help out with the project but you’re not a musician, ask your friends or the musicians you like to make a recording. We’re really busy over here, so if any of you can help by finding email addresses of Chuck D and Patti Smith, Halsey would be psyched.

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