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DJ-less Radio

As regular commercial radio nosedives (facing inevitable decline in the face of iPods, satellites, and web radio) they’ll be cutting corners everywhere (which can actually hasten the crash as what’s left of a local draw disappears). Looks like DJs are now biting the dust. No one really feels to bad about this, I expect, giving the current state of radio DJing. These new stations are big, semi-random dumps of several thousand songs playing at random, which, culturally, is probably a small improvement over current playlists. These computer stations remind me of a station in Worcester that repeated a five song set over and over for weeks while it transitioned from one station to another. It was actually pretty awesome. I bet Holmes or Jake remember the playlist… dudes?

As always, our hope is that commercial radio will become so devalued that stations will start to start to drop off the map completely, opening up space for low-power local stations. What sucks is that running a computer on shuffle costs nothing, so god knows when these stations will actually go out of business. But maybe they’ll get cheap enough that community groups can buy them out…

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