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Major labels / NYPD raid iconic NYC record store

MTV News and the New York Times are reporting that the beloved music store and video rental spot Mondo Kim’s got raided yesterday in a joint NYPD / major label operation.

The MTV piece says the store got raided because they were selling mix-CDs. How long are the major labels going to get away with raiding mixtape sellers, when even MTV News writes about mixtapes being a lynchpin of those labels’ marketing effort for hip hop?

The Times article doesn’t even mention that the raid was over mix-CDs. If you know a little about the relationship between the mixtape scene and major label hip hop, write the Times a letter and call them out for telling half the story.

BTW, the first Google result for “nytimes letter” is Wendy Carlos’s homepage which like all things Wendy Carlos is pretty unbelievable.

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