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Talk to NYTimes about Grokster

The Supreme Court in the US ruled today that filesharing services can be sued for “clear expression or affirmative steps to foster infringement” of copyrights. This is a terrible decision as far as we’re concerned and will scare off lots innovation in this arena. On the positive side, here’s what Fred von Lohmann at the EFF had to say in anticipation of the decision: what the Grokster ruling will mean.

We’ll have more to say on this as details come in, but for now we wanted to let you all know that the New York Times is looking for some ‘p2p users’ who can comment about the decision. If that’s you, please email ### (UPDATE: they got enough emails by now, so I’ve taken the email address- thanks to everyone who got in touch) as soon as possible with some contact info and they’ll be in touch in the next couple hours. This is your chance to represent p2p users, so please think it through carefully. Here’s some great quotes from a few months ago.

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