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PCF Design Contest Hopes to Bring Good Design and $1300 prize

Downhill Battle members have been working on a new project as you may all know — a next generation video player for your computer. The video player is the most important piece of the decentralizing media platform that we’re making and it is at the point where it needs some design work.

That’s why PCF is having a design contest for any socially-minded and all designers out there who want to take a stab at the main interface of the video player. Winning design wins you $1000. You can also design a logo for the player/platform and win $300. The coolest part for non-designers is the chance to win $200 if the person you told about the contest ends up winning the main $1000 prize — so shout it out on your blog, radio show, or at your design community and hook us up with an awesome design (and get yourself double 100’s). Contest ends July 31st — check it out now.

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