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$1000 Design Contest Extended to August 16th, 2005

Good news — you got more time to get the word out about the design contest and you got more time to make a design for the design contest because the deadline has been extended to August 16th, 2005. The design contest entails you winning $1000 for designing the chosen interface of a next generation video player application for your desktop, $300 for designing a winning logo, or $200 for telling the winner about it (seriously). So, get all designy on us, already.

PCF is also announcing a much anticipated countdown to a release of the video player — on August 9th, 1005, 11 days from now, we will be letting the Mac OSX Beta version of the DTV video player go public. We’ll still be keeping the name to ourselves until we do the big Windows and Mac joint-launch, but until then you can go here to see why internet television is almost here, with quotes from notables.

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