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Baby Internet TV’s for Mac Computers are Here

PCF did a pretty good thing today — we released a Mac Beta version of an internet television video playing platform, coded DTV. Right now, DTV will work on Mac OSX 10.3+ (We’ve been working on this thing since January – whoah!). You can go to the PCF site to download your very own DTV video player and try it out. A Windows version is coming in a few weeks. This thing downloads using http or bittorrent, manages video RSS feeds, plays videos, and has a simple iApp-inspired interface that’s built for non geeks. It’s completely open source, open access, free and non-corporate.

DTV comes out of our activist drive to create the tool that people need to pry open mainstream media channels and let in independent creators. And we do hope this will be big, starting with this baby Beta and some good videos. Right now, there are some deep-dark-good channels, like the Some Pig channel made by artists in Providence and sweated over by video artist, Peter Glantz. My personal favorite is the Pancake Mountain channel, which is a local DC channel that puts out highly-synchronized children programming with bands like Fugazi and Thievery Corporation. We also helped to make an independent music video channel, called Telemusicvision with videos from Saddle Creek, Kill Rock Stars and V2 records. Check it out if you’re indie head.

You can help these cool things along by adding RSS feeds/websites of video to the DTV Channel Guide. If you help, people can find out about good videos and start turning their attention to internet TV, where all the fair and democratic media action is.

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