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Second birthday party

Today is Downhill Battle’s 2nd birthday. It has actually been two years since we put up this page and jumped into the fray. Nick put up a splash page to mark the occasion (all my RSS people have a look) but I think I’ll procrastinate on further reflection and instead jump into telling you about the present we got…

It came from Google, of all places.

Google the words “trapped in the closet” and you’ll be taken to our blog. There, the tidal forces of teen R Kelly opinion have found a little tidepool in the comment thread. “Aw guys, I think I see a horseshoe crab!”

This present didn’t cost the Big-Internet-Spirit-in-the-Sky much, but it’s the thought that counts.

So the stars are aligned, the wind’s in our favor, and the grade not too steep (in you-know-which direction). Throw parties, go to shows, have a blast, and DON’T buy major label music.

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