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Prometheus at the Astrodome

Big shout out to our friends at Prometheus Radio Project who have been part of the crew trying to get a low-power FM station (LPFM) setup at the Astrodome.

For the same fucked-up reasons that the government blocked people from leaving New Orleans, for the same reasons that they are desperately trying to censor news and photographs, and for the same reasons they are trying to keep reporters away from survivors, officials have blocked the LPFM station, even after the group got an FCC license and jumped through hoops.

Why don’t they want a community-run low power station in the Astrodome? Because the people living there are pissed off and if they can organize, communicate, or tell their stories, there will be serious trouble for a lot of officials. Blogs, alternative media, podcasts: we need to hear these stories!

p.s. fuck this!!!

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