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Worcester Shopping: Happy Birthday Mike Leslie

Jacob Berendes, a wonderful musician, the head of Fujichia records, my lifelong friend, and Downhill Battle’s Chairman of the Board, is generally known for general awesomeness (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc) and is practically a folk hero among a small band of unwashed Worcester, MA residents, not to mention his constituency at large, which is, in fact, large.

All that is to motivate you to peek at the plans for the new store he is about to open in Worcester, MA called Happy Birthday Mike Leslie. You will not regret taking a moment to read the store plan, mission statement, and FAQ. Maybe you can even help out. From the FAQ: “since i was a small child i had wanted to run a dinosaur park– three or four enormous and garishly colored fiberglass dinosaurs alongside a gas station and a gift shop. opening up Happy Birthday Mike Leslie is an opportunity similar to this– the construction and maintenance of a mysterious eyesore, in which one’s cosmology is subtly advanced through inane dioramas, piezoelectric buzzers, and a glut of cheap, bright, and violent novelties.”

If you want more of Jacob, you can listen to him sing, get his new album, or buy a handmade parakeet that clips onto your shoulder. We’ll let you know when the store opens.

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