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Stop the Broadcast Flag (Again)

The Broadcast Flag is legislation that would let companies control what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your VCR / TiVO / hard drive etc. It’s been successfully blocked by the forces of good in the past, but we have to do it again as the TV and movie lobbyists are mounting another backdoor push.

Below are the congresspeople who are trying to push through the Broadcast Flag. If they represent you, please, please call. Hell, even if they don’t represent you, it would be a big help. And if you can call this afternoon, it make the most difference (it only takes about 90 seconds, really).

John Shadegg, R-AZ, (202) 225-3361

Mary Bono, R-CA, (202) 225-5330

George Radanovich, R-CA, (202) 225-4540

John Shimkus, R-IL (202) 225-5271

Bobby Rush, D-IL, (202) 225-4372

Ed Whitfield, R-KY, (202) 225-3115

Albert Wynn, D-MD, (202) 225-8699

Charles Pickering, R-MS, (202) 225-5031

Lee Terry, R-NE, (202) 225-4155

Charles Bass, R-NH, (202) 225-5206

Mike Ferguson, R-NJ, (202) 225-5361

Frank Pallone, D-NJ, (202) 225-4671

Eliot Engel, D-NY, (202) 225-2464

Vito Fossella, R-NY, (202) 225-3371

Edolphus Towns, D-NY, (202) 225-5936

John Sullivan, R-OK, (202) 225-2211

Michael Doyle, D-PA, (202) 225-2135

Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, (202) 225-2811

Bart Gordon, D-TN, (202) 225-4231

Charles Gonzalez, D-TX, (202) 225-3236

More ways to help at the EFF.

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