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Revver Gets Videomakers Paid

Revver is a new company and website that a few of us have been doing some work for the past 10 months. Last week the site hit boing boing just before we were ready to announce, but the Revver team has been rolling with the punches and it’s off to an amazing start. Check out Revver.

The idea behind Revver is simple, but the implications are big for independent creators. Most simply, Revver let’s video makers place a single frame ad on the end of their video files. When users click on the ad, creators make money. It’s like AdWords for video and it means that creators can directly benefit from the success of viral video online. It also solves the dilemma that many videomakers face when they try to decide whether to make their videos free and reach a wide audience or charge for them and make money. Revver lets them keep it free and make money at the same time. I’d wager that most of the bands selling videos on iTunes right now would be making more money with RevTags (not to mention building more fans).

We’re very proud of where Revver is at right now and where it’s headed. We’re only a week in, but the momentum is building very fast. It will be pretty amazing when the first round of payments go out to videomakers.

On of the coolest projects happening at Revver is the ‘lost creators’ campaign. We’ve posted some of the most famous internet videos to the site and while they start racking up ad money, we’re looking to identify the original creators so they can get paid for the first time. Lost creators campaign.

Big congratulations to Steven and the team for achieving liftoff. Keep your eyes on Revver, there’s big things on the way. You can keep in touch at the Revver blog.

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