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Explorer Destroyer: a campaign to switch people from IE to Firefox

This weekend, some of us who work on Downhill Battle worked out a new campaign to try to get more aggressive about switching people from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

It’s something we’d been thinking about doing for a while, but hadn’t found the time to put together. So when Google announced that they would offer $1 for every referral to Firefox with Google toolbar, we figured the time was right to get sites to be more serious about getting their users to switch. With that financial incentive, they won’t be so timid. It’s very possible to get Internet Explorer down to under 50% of all web browsers. This is the best chance we’ve ever had and it would be a *huge* victory for open source.

So today we have two new sites to launch that campaign. The first is the campaign home and has free scripts that they can install on their site that will detect IE and encourage people to switch. You’ll earn money from Google for the referrals. Check it out:

Explorer Destroyer
Explorer Destroyer

The second is a parody site. You know how we do.

Kill Bill's Browser

Let’s give Internet Explorer that finishing blow it’s been asking for.

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