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A Word from French Downhill Battle Supporters and Fighters

Matthias Budde of a French radio station, Radio Anda and also co-founder of a new organization trying to do similar things as Donwhill Battle in France and Europe, has the following to say about what is happening with copyright law there:

“This law on the “copyright” (it’s not a “copyright” in France, we call it “Author’s right”) is very complex. Yes, an amendment has legalized the downloading but another one could be voted to cancel it next weeks. Major labels have made an incredible lobbying on our government so that we imprison downloaders and then, what happened ?…. the opposite… 😀

But everything is not fine for us… What concerns me more, it’s the part of the law that is going to start the lock of webradios as Radio Anda, because of Digital Rights Management which we cannot buy.
This part of the law was already voted, and in this end of year, here is what worries me. :-\

Anyway, our government, was well manipulated by the lobbyists and now I am really disgusted. I was on TV yesterday ( ARTE / TRACKS) evening to say in the name of Downhill Battle ” Music Industry is a ceaseless war for more than 30 years…. ” Now, more than ever….

Well, if somebody wants to help the french webradios like our, please contact us office@radioanda.org and at Radio Anda. 🙂

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