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Filesharing Guides Get Locked Out

From a great activist and friend of Downhill Battle:

The good folks at Finland-based AfterDawn.com have for years offered the best place for people to get the tools and information they want to make backups of their DVD’s, convert files to other formats, and generally use their media as they see fit.  Naturally, the media industry hates this, and the industry conned the Finnish government into passing a “draconian and vague” new law that goes into effect Jan 1, 2006.

From the site:  “The law has phrases like “Offering commercial services that allow circumventing technical copy protections … is illegal.” But doesn’t provide any guidelines on what is considered to be “commercial” and what type of service the law is talking about. Our and our lawyers’ analysis is that as we’re a commercial company, having ads on our site, and providing guides — written by our paid staff members — and tools that help breaking protections like extremely weak CSS found on virtually all DVD-Video discs, we can be sued.”

So the bad news is, AD is removing many of its very best tools and guides.  The good news is that the site licensed some of the removed guides under CC, so that they could spread virally.  And users quickly compiled the soon-to-be removed guides and software into two torrents, with promises that there will always be at least one seeder, so this finnish law won’t have quite the chilling effect that big media wants.  Spread the word, share the love, and happy new year!

More on the torrents (from the comments section of that link):



Thanks, Jason.

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