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Sam Bulte, Hollywood Canada, faces the music

This is how to do it. Sam Bulte is a Canadian MP who’s been bought by Hollywood and been transformed into a copyright zealot. Now her shady fundraising dealings have been exposed and the fight is on to reveal her agenda and get her out of parliament. As usual, your boy Cory Doctorow is holding it down with comprehensive reports on Bulte. Digital Copyright Canada is organizing for Peggy Nash, Sam’s opponent in the current election. Joey deVilla made a great Dr. Seuss parody book cover about the scandal, this Toronto record store has a anti-Bulte sign on their window, and Bulte is getting hammered on the issue in public forums. Online Rights Canada is pulling it all together and will show you how you can help.

We’ve been a little quiet on the scene for the past few months since we’ve been working on PCF. But we want to say that we are so, so psyched about the shit storms that have brewed around the Sony Rootkit stuff and now Sam Bulte. This is very, very effective politics in both cases– rapid, loud, and focused responses, coming from all directions. It’s beautiful. Most politicians still think that copyright is an obscure issue that no one cares about– so why not take Hollywood’s money and do what they want? But now if Sam Bulte loses this election (and even if she doesn’t) every canadian politician will be on notice and that will change how they govern for the better. Can we get a little of this goodness in the USA already??

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