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Lawrence Guyot Makes a Call

The eminent Civil Rights leader and co-organizer of the Eyes on the Screen campaign in 2005, Lawrence Guyot gave me a call the other day. It was great to hear from him as we have been quite a team together. We were pretty happy about what has happened with the Eyes on the Prize documentary this year; EOTP received big funding and is slated for release on DVD. In case you don’t know what the conundrum is — Eyes on the Prize only came out on VHS, was a seminal educational resource on the civil rights movement and never was able to renew its copyrights. As a result, EOTP was not able to move away from the dying VHS format, until this year.

He called to let everyone know about the few places where you can get some free American History documentaries. You can get these documentaries and see how you like them. Here are the numbers:

For “And the Children Shall Lead”, call 662-915-6727.
For a few other documentaries, you can call 202-518-5954.

Lawrence is an extremely strong voice in organizing revolt where revolt need be. We’re so glad he’s on our team.

For those of you wondering what will happen with Eyes on the Screen: we won’t be running another campaign this year. Eyes on the Prize seems to be doing pretty well without any help at this point. And we hope that the spirit of remembering our history and folding these lessons of history into what we do this February continues. Many people are writing to tell us that they’ll be showing EOTP in the next couple of weeks — this is exactly what should continue to happen and it’s great to have EOTP become a staple part of discourse again. When it comes out on DVD, be sure to get it.

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