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Save the internet, win an iPod

Recently, the free and open nature of the internet has been under attack from a coalition of phone and cable companies. Now you can fight back, and the person who does the best job gets an iPod nano.

To start, sign the moveon.org petition. Then they’ll send you a link you can forward to friends.

ISPs want to be able to block or slow access to certain websites so they can charge sites for access to their customers. This is extremely dangerous: you don’t want ISPs (a few giant corporations) telling you what sites you can or can’t visit. Watch this video from Public Knowledge for a good explanation of the issue.

The rules are here, and you can see who’s winning here. The contest ends on May 8th, so you’ve got one week.

You might have noticed that we’re participating in the contest too. If we win I think we’ll use the iPod for a Downhill Battle contest.

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