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Swarm of Angels

As has been predicted so many times, the internet is both destroying and creating ways of developing and distributing media. The movie industry will probably be the last piece of big media to really feel the effects– it’s difficult and expensive to make a film that looks professional. Equipment and distribution are rapidly dropping in cost, but people are not, and many varieties of feature film require lots and lots and lots of people. (Contrast this with a rock band recording an album, a reporter researching a story, a reality-show on TV, or a cable news report.)

So it’s appropriate that a new project seeking to radically invert the process of developing a big-budget feature film is starting with people. A Swarm of Angels is working to create and distribute a $2 million film over the internet, with the help of 50,000 members that will fund and steer the project. It’s an incredible undertaking, but is off to a roaring start.

You can join the project as one of the first 1,000 people for a membership cost of £25. Not only to you get to support a film revolution, you also get to participate in shaping the script and production process. The best way to get inside the head of the folks behind this project is to start with the Swarm of Angels FAQ.

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